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The Flamazing Artist's Club

The Flamazing Artists Club is a community of artist who love to paint and create beautiful pieces of art!   We are artists of all levels who wish to grow their skills, learn techniques and just hang out with our friends and have fun creating art together.   We are a supportive community who lift one another up by giving more than we take!  

We are a community of friends who love art!   Every member is a artists regardless if they have never picked up a paint brush a day in their life or if they have been painting their entire life!  We can learn something from everyone at every level! 

Being a member you will grow your skills and artistic ability as you create beautiful pieces you will be proud to hang on your walls, gift to friends and family or sell for profit!

What you get Every Month:

  • 2 Step by Step Pre-Recorded Art Tutorials Every Month   These pieces are sophisticated pieces, however my recorded tutorials walk you through every step of painting these pieces!   I walk you through step by step, I provide the tracers, I break the videos up into consumable bits of creating the piece so you can paint at your own pace!    I provide the supply list, and tracers for the majority.  (there are some pieces where a tracer would actually make it harder!!)

  • 1 Interactive Virtual Painting with me Every Month    These pieces are fun pieces of all subjects, some whimsical some holiday themed.  These pieces are geared to more basic skill level but even the most seasoned artist will love creating these cute pieces!

  • 1  "4th Quarter Small" Created with me Every Month   These pieces cute smaller pieces that are easy to replicate and can be sold for a lower price point!  They are geared to be quick sell pieces that you can use as filler for your craft shows, booth spaces.  They also make perfect shelf sitters for your home decorations or presents for friends and family! 
  • With Every Art Piece We Create  I teach concepts that grow your painting abilities!   You will learn basic to advance skills in painting techniques such as blending and shading.  Painting concepts of color theory, value changes, mixing colors, using painting mediums effectively.   This isn't just tell you, through the monthly tutorials you will learn the practice so that you can apply these techniques to every piece you paint!

  • BONUS Content!  I always provide my members with bonus content!! 

What You Will Have Access to on Day 1: (Monthly Signup)

  • Private Facebook Group to grow as a community!   This is a great supportive group!

  • Access to the Member Only Website 

  • 3 Months of pre-record video tutorials - Current Months + 2 prior months   

  • BONUS pre-recorded Video Tutorial - Bella of the Ball a Glass and Resin piece
  • ALL Spotlight Sessions (These are the teaching concepts, theories that I have since incorporated into each monthly lesson)

  • ALL Q&A, Feedback & Chat Sessions

  • ALL Paint Party Private Groups Where you Can Paint Every Paint Party Piece!

  • All of the 4th Quarter Small Projects
  • ALL BONUS Facebook Live Tracers/Supply List Given

  • Any Creatathon Bonus Tracers/Supply List Given

*Access to the "FAC Workshop Vault" will be given after 6 months of membership!

What you will have access to on Day 1: (Yearly Signup)

  • Everything the Monthly Signup gets!

  • Access to the "FAC Workshop Vault" which has all of the tutorials since the beginning!! 

We will have fun creating together, having fun as we learn new techniques, experience new mediums and just make so many supportive friends that  you will come to love and cherish!   It won't be about the membership, it won't be about the art it will be about the people that will make this community special and near and dear to your heart!   Everything else will just be the gravy on top!  I promise you!   Together we are going to grow a beautiful community!

32 Wooden Ornaments Designs

These are designs for ornaments that are approximately 3.5" rounds.  I used the wooden rounds with the bark on them.

There are a total of 32 designs.   

5 sets of 6 designs with 2 bonus designs.

Set 1 - It's Christmas

Set 2 - Santa

Set 3 - Christmas Friends

Set 4 - The Reason

Set 5 - Winter Friends

Bonus -- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year lettering designs.

What do you get?  You get the digital download of the supply list and the tracers for each of the designs you purchase.  There are several different options for purchasing the sets.  You can purchase the entire set for the BEST Price (One whole set FREE  in addition to the bonus set) or you have the option to purchase just 1 or any number of the 5 different sets individually (6 designs in each of the sets + the 2 bonus designs are included with every purchase option).

For the same price...You can join my monthly group!   WHAT A DEAL is that!  You get ornaments that you can sell and easily make the money you spent on the ornaments and the GROUP!    How awesome is that?

You will also get the member benefits which include tracers from all my lives, 2 exclusive art pieces each month, a fun interactive paint party, and a 4th quarter small project geared to target fourth quarter sales for craft/fair/art booths!   They also make great quick gifts for others if you don't currently sale at markets! 

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