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Bell of the Ball - Artfully Connected with Cindy Harrison

Bell of the Ball

Join me on Artfully Connected with Cindy Harrison Facebook Group 0n 7/26 at 7:00 p.m. ET and I will walk you through step by step painting, applying glass and resin to Bell of the Ball!

She is incredibly beautiful and you will just love what Glass and Resin do to your art piece!

Painting with me is FREE!   Register using the free option and then you can download the supply list and tracer and access a short video on prepping your canvas and painting your background so it is ready for the 26th.

If you are unsure if glass and resin are for you, but you want to try it without having to make the big investment in buying all the supplies. 

I am offering a kit that contains all the supplies needed to create Bell of the Ball!   The kit includes all the supplies needed - A 10x10 canvas, paints, brushes, glass, 2 ounces of resin, and all the resin application supplies needed minus the heat source.   Resin needs heat to pop the bubbles, you can use a torch, creme brulee torch (what I use), heat gun.

Click I want to Paint Bell of the Ball to access all the goodies!    If you are local to Charlottesville, Va you can use the discount code LOCALPICKUP to remove the shipping charge.  

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